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The Borders of Mobile Handset Ecosystems: Is Coopetition Inevitable?

Today, the mobile phone industry witnesses important changes, shifting from a value chain to a burgeoning business ecosystem. This paper deals with the relationships that are at the very core of mobile OS ecosystems for IMTs (smartphones and PDA): Microsoft-OS, Symbian-OS, Palm-OS and RIM-OS over the period 1998-2006. Our study confirms that an ecosystem’s borders [...]

Between cooperation and competition : the benefits of collective strategies within business ecosystems. The example of the software industry

The emerging notion of business ecosystems can be linked to several older theoretical notions : firms networks, alliances, collective strategies etc…Indeed, business ecosystems are based on the idea that several companies will collaborate to improve their offer. However, this concept is distinguishable from previous notions according to its specific dynamics : leadership emphasis, keystone organizations [...]

Coopétition et écosystèmes d’affaires dans les secteurs des technologies de l’information : le cas des Terminaux Mobiles Intelligents

Les Terminaux Mobiles Intelligents (TMI) correspondent à des téléphones portables évolués de type Smartphone, PDA communicants ou Iphone. Cette recherche vise à étudier les comportements coopétitifs des entreprises (collaboration entre concurrents) qui ont animé cette activité de 1998 à 2006. En retenant la notion d’écosystème d’affaires, à savoir une coalition hétérogène d’entreprises partageant un destin [...]